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Sourtouki iOS & Web

25 Jun 2016 . category: my-projects . Comments

Sourtouki.gr is a Nightlife Platform for Greece. It includes all the cities of Greece from Crete to Alexandroupoli and is trying to collect all the Nightlife Clubs, Bars, Cafe-Restaurant etc so the users, even the tourists, can search among a vary of things like, Area, Category, Subcategory, Near his Location.

My job in this project was to make the Webpage of this Platform among with the iOS Application.

Technologies that we used to accomplish this project.

For the Web.

And for the iOS Application I used Swift and Cocoapods.

But the work didn’t stopped in Developing, I also helped with the UX-Design of the Application so the Users can find easily as many information as they can, in the first View. Always the first View makes the impression. Researched for a lot of days and reviewed many iOS Applications before I suggest changes between the views. The result was the following.


Natsios Konstantinos is an iOS and Web Developer, with passion about his job and learning new things.